Hold me close 
I want to marinate 
In your delicious essence 
Before we disappear 
Into the Great Void 
Where this glorious moment 
Will barely remain 
A scant bit 
In the cosmic 


Lost Angeles

The desert beckons with spiny torrents
cruciferous sand aflame in wandering desire

Rising plumes of air float in dislocation
as the dusty chagrin of the soil
denies their slumber

Swirling masses of burning dreams
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An exquisite affair

Treetops are singing, shouting, springing up to greet the morning sun. Abounding with the glory of nature surrounding the planet. Speaking in treetop to each other in a global Internet that has existed millions of years before mankind!



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ID, a poem


I am a  desert


beseech me with your rain




I am the calm


Crush me with your storm




I am the delay


Rile me up

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The effects of "Profound Peace"

Here are a couple stories I'd like to share with you about the effects of this song!

I played this song for a young gang member who came up to me while I was busking on the Venice Boardwalk

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Profound Peace

Oh boy, where to begin on this one. How does one describe the most incredulous unmeasurable undeniably real miraculous experience of their life?! It's so beyond comprehension yet I am compelled with all my being to share it. What better

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Lost in Flight

Who hasn't at one time or the other been "Lost in Flight"? Those transitional times in life when everything seems to be beyond your control yet you're still soaring full blast ahead wondering where to land. This song came outRead more

A Valentine Poem for guitarists

This one's for all the beautiful, hilarious, and talented guitarists I've ever played or sung with. Happy Valentines Day!

I wanna make love to you with my voice

Softly in the dead of night

Like a wind
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Soul Beautiful

When I laid down the scratch track for this song up at Yucca Studios which is on a mountaintop overlooking the gorgeous Topanga Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, a giant hawk flew right up to the window. It was surreal!Read more

Profound Peace in 2012

You have inspired us, shared your love, and brought abundant joy to us in 2011.

Thank you for being at our shows, purchasing "Blossoms in Sweet Air", spreading the light, and making 2011 such a bright year.

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Just me and You

We were fighting and fighting and fighting. Why? What was all this really about? I mean we were two really kindhearted people that had a general sense of treating each other with love and respect but this one thing, thisRead more

The Deep Blue

I adore this song almost as much as I adore the man I wrote it for! Plus how many tunes have an ukulele solo. Jared just came in like a sweet tropical breeze and blew us away in the studio.Read more