An exquisite affair

Treetops are singing, shouting, springing up to greet the morning sun. Abounding with the glory of nature surrounding the planet. Speaking in treetop to each other in a global Internet that has existed millions of years before mankind!


This language has always been. Have we lost our way in thinking the answers lie in particle colliders and machinations that always need upgrades?  This network of nature has been laughing at us yet so tenderly nurturing us! Watching the critical maneuvers of man to replicate their perfect planetary system. Why does man always want to meddle with perfection? I guess it’s a love affair after all. For in truth we ARE nature. Malleable biological DNA driven creatures given more insight and responsibility as we evolve.


It must be a divine love from Mother Earth that keeps us fragile beings in existence. For it wouldn’t take much to put the kibosh on the entire thing! Yet the resilience of our kind is also admirable in its adaptation. Perhaps that is what Mother Earth enjoys; an enchantment of the planet by our silly selves.  In essence though the greatest known creation is our biosphere called Earth of which we have an enormous impact upon just as it has on us. It’s our dance of life where each gets its turn to lead us spinning magnificently throughout the Universe!

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