The effects of "Profound Peace"

Here are a couple stories I'd like to share with you about the effects of this song!

I played this song for a young gang member who came up to me while I was busking on the Venice Boardwalk one afternoon and asked for a healing song. He was really wrecked from something horrible I could see it in his eyes. I told him I wasn't really warmed up enough to sing it yet but when he looked at me with devastated eyes and pleaded "Please" I couldn't resist. He sat there cross legged in front of me and just cried as I sang with as much conviction and love as I could muster in that moment.

Afterwards he put his hands together at his heart, thanked me, and put $10 in my bucket. I knew there was something far grander than me participating in the performance of that song yet I was the catalyst for it. I could feel that same incredulous energy that I experienced the day I wrote the song flowing through me to him as I sang.

Another time I sang it at a memorial. I had played the Topanga Canyon Earth day festival and after my set this Native American woman who had lost her son recently asked me to sing at his memorial . Now I'd never done anything like that and I surely am not a traditional singer-songwriter that plays other musicians music so I politely turned her down, three times! She called the man who booked me at the festival and insisted he get me to play. He convinced me and again, this song was the one I intuitively knew to play. I played it in a tree (you can see the picture on my gallery page) in the Topanga Native Gardens at the end of the memorial.

The deceased man's best friend was at the base of the tree meditating while I sat in the boughs and sang. I was very touched by the ceremony and feeling all the grief of his friends and family at losing him at such a young age. I truly needed to be in the heart of this giant tree to stay centered and feel supported. I got a leg up and had my guitar handed to me and just started the opening notes of “Profound Peace” not really knowing where it was going.

As I sang I literally could feel hundreds of angels with me singing. Then, still playing I began moving my upper body in circles to the music. I was intuitively gathering all the energy of the deceased man's friends and family along with the shared stories of his life and channeling it right up through the tree, into my body, and out through my throat assisted by everything in that space including myriads of angels! My eyes were closed and I saw this bright ball of light that I instantly knew was Chris! In this transcendental state after the second verse of lyrics I began to improvise these lyrics "May your journey onto the next world be as beautiful as your life on Earth."  At the precise moment I finished singing I received a communication of gratitude from Chris and watched his soul, faster than the speed of light, shoot over this behemoth horizon like nothing I've ever seen in any NASA pictures or sic-fi films!! 

 As Chris' friend helped me out of the tree I saw that he was as astounded as I was. He and others kept talking about how there were literally angels in that tree right there in the middle of the day in the Topanga Gardens! It left me awestruck for about four to six hours!! It was around 2pm and after the memorial I went to the Topanga Canyon Earth Day festival wrap party. Despite the wonderful people at the party I had a very tough time socializing. I'd just seen a man's soul shoot on to the next dimension!!  I was sober as can be yet spiritually high as a kite from the entire event. I'm honored to this day to have been a part of assisting Chris' transition onto his next realm of existence.

These are only a couple of the stories about the effects of “Profound Peace” and it’s basically why I continue to make music. I’ve been pretty busy with some new engaging magical moments and creating new songs out of them but as of today nothing has been as potent, tangible, and miraculous as the events while creating this song. I’m hoping though and as a fairly experienced soul, I am pretty sure there is more to come…

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