From the recording Blossoms in Sweet Air MP3

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I don't have it yet but I'm getting it. Long tying whispers. Golden yarn dangling down from the crown. Singular phases phrased amongst the crisp sea air that ribbons around the lavender brush. Vibrant robin's egg blue cresting waves below remind me what it means to be awake. Starkly awake. Shivering mesmerized awake! Aware of the photos he's taking as I pray the the silent departing sun. Free as the sky she tells me, we are all free as the SKY!

Forty million miles away
Where did I go today?
A seminence of what you see
really isn't reality

Hungry for the word
of a simple little bird
Soaring through a cobalt stream
That I saw
Inside my dream

Fantasies are just enough
To flurry down the rough
Of a bright orange brigade
Then stories of how
You relate

Did you like the way he felt?
With his stubble all so svelte
Told that his lies were real
Riding in his convertible