From the recording Blossoms in Sweet Air MP3

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Why would I listen to you?
I don't ever want to sound like you do
Your in the vein of a constant migraine
And it's going to burst
From the confusion you spew

Honey your how I used to be
And I'm just trying to set you free
From the voices you bought for your head
Makin you live half dead

I'd love to help you break on through
Bloody shackles so you can
Stand up to the pew
They keep you in a tailspin
Vertigo dreams just can't
Come true

Here's the key to liberty's door
Found it while sleeping on the
Cement floor

The justice in you is the justice in me
The truth from you is the truth from me
The path to you might not be the path to me
But the love in you is the love in me

We're bound together in evolutions glue
Lets unlock this door so we can
All walk through