Reverb from 40,000,000 Miles Away

This song is total stream of consciousness! I was on a bluff overlooking the sweet Pacific Ocean on the 20th anniversarry of my mothers death watching the sky light up with corals and violets from the setting sun feeling really peaceful. It was a gorgeous spring day with these giant beautiful lavender bushes in full bloom. As I was deep in contemplation this gentle fragrant wind blew on my face and I felt my mother's loving spirit surround me. When I got home I sat down and wrote "Reverb", the spoken word part of the song, that ends with "Free as the sky she tells me. We are all free as the sky!"

The next few weeks I was having incredibly vivid dreams. After one particularly cool dream with a bright luminous bird soaring in a cobalt blue stream in the sky, I wrote the rest of the song in one sitting.

My little nephews always requested that song when they were toddlers and would get all giggly when I sang the "doo dee dum doo dee do doo" and it always seemed to calm then down, well at least for the duration of the tune. You all know how full of wild energy little boys can be!

There are a lot of references to different states of consciousness, dimensions, and nature in that song. I'd love to hear your interpretations!

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