The Deep Blue

I adore this song almost as much as I adore the man I wrote it for! Plus how many tunes have an ukulele solo. Jared just came in like a sweet tropical breeze and blew us away in the studio. I must admit I kept asking for more takes just to watch his fingers effortlessly float over those tiny frets. I was in awe!

Man falls in love with free spirited singer/songwriter. Said singer/songwriter is swept off her feet and deliriously in love. Man takes singer/songwriter to Maui for her birthday where it's a "Wonderous world" and "Explorations begin", hence the first verse. Man takes singer/songwriter on a catamaran trip snorkeling between the islands. On the way back to Maui the captain stops the boat in between the islands in what is called "The Deep Blue" and tells us (incase you haven't figured out who the singer/songwriter is yet it's me silly) that if we'd like we can jump off the boat and swim in this heavenly water.

We go under and all you hear are these surreal whale songs. The same beautiful notes over and over. The locals tell us that each year the song is a few notes and beats different but they all sing the same song each season. I become entranced and start to swim towards the sonic lullabies when the captain yells at me to stay closer to the boat. I say, "Nooooo I'm going to just swim off in the deep blue and hang with the whales." Then my guys head pops up next to me with a look of pure bewilderment on his face. He tells me I have to open my eyes under water, it's the most gorgeous blue he's ever seen. I did and it was beyond blue. It was this bright deep color of blue that can only be found in the deep Hawaiian sea.

The second verse is about our first full day on Maui where I decided I would jump off the back of the infamous Black Rock. It's the only time I think years of mediation have bitten me in the arse. As I jump the 20 or so feet in midair I tell myself to relax in order to fully feel the sensation of the wind as I fall and fall and fall and then SMACK! Yes the genius I am I over road my bodies natural instinct to tense up and hit the water like a knife. Instead I was a free flying ball of utter relaxation and my calves decided to go right and left of my thighs making my knees bend in ways they weren't made to bend. Friggin OUCH! Since it was our first day of the trip I was convinced to keep going... after biking down to Lahaina and stopping for several mai tais along the way I was in pretty intense pain. But hey we only had a five mile bike ride back, ugh. Towards the end I thought I was going to pass out from the pain but my man kept encouraging me and leading me through the agonizing bike ride in the dark. When we got to the hotel he grabbed my hand and held me up as I limped up to our hotel room. I had a level of pain in my knees that I feared was gong to leave me partially crippled but my sweet man lovingly coaxed me through the pain. "When I get scared injured or confused you grab my hand ignite my fuse." He just kept cheering me on and giving me TLC till all was bearable and we didn't miss the gorgeous hike to the 400 foot waterfall that I'm under on the cover of the album!

"There you stand heroic man. This love we share is the flower of life (it) blossoms in sweet air" ! That last line is the title of the album and the only way I could possibly describe this love that has astonished me, challenged me to blossom when I was lost in confusion, and nurtured me in the way that only true love can. I'll never forget the night he saw blue sparks coming from my upper chest. "Um, I see blue sparks coming off of you," he said.
"Oh that's just glitter I put on earlier."
"No it's bright blue light," he said.
"Lets talk about this in the morning, I'm tired."
As it turns out my big beautiful hunk also sees energy! Thats where the second chorus, "You see my deep blue energy" comes from.

"Everything you are breathes new life in me. Your my Deep Blue Hawaiian sea." He truly is a hero in every sense of the word and being with him makes for a completely "Glorious life"!

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