Soul Beautiful

When I laid down the scratch track for this song up at Yucca Studios which is on a mountaintop overlooking the gorgeous Topanga Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, a giant hawk flew right up to the window. It was surreal! Right at the end of the song I yell at Lon to turn around and we both dropped what we were doing and ran out side. He said he has seen hawks up there but has never seen one fly right up to the window like that. I almost thought it was going to break the glass!

This song came out of a few years of working with the energy of love. Yes love. It started in Hollywood when I was at a concert with my girlfriends. We came out and were waiting at the valet to get our car when a ruckus broke out at the club behind the valet station. A six foot plus man was in a complete rage and there were four bouncers trying to contain him outside the club so he wouldn't hurt anyone. His arms were flailing and he was screaming at everyone in a total tantrum. A crowd of about a hundred people were gathered for the spectacle.

When our car finally arrived I was in the backseat and asked my friend Grace to drive really slow by the crowd. I summonsed up all the love I could feel in my heart and right when we drove past the crowd I locked eyes with the outraged man and yelled with utter conviction, "I love you! LOVE YOU! Love!" and it was like a bullet to his soul. He dropped to the ground instantaneously and all four bouncers were able to contain him. The crowd was shocked, the bouncers were shocked, and I was shocked! People were flabbergasted at what had happened and we just drove off talking about it the entire drive home.

I started experimenting with the energy of pure love in public. I had started mentally saying to people wherever I went in public from my heart, "I love you your soul is beautiful" just to see what ,if anything, would happen. Things did happen! On train rides, bus rides, Venice Beach, and all over. Whenever I would see a person who was homeless or in agony I would look at them and say "I love you your soul is beautiful," sometimes out loud. Homeless people would stop screaming (if only temporarily), a drug addled man on the bus felt it and verbally thanked me for lifting his spirit, and I stopped a wasted girl at a concert from trying to fight me by simply grabbing her by the shoulders and saying "I love you, your beautiful, and better than this." She was stunned and completely stopped her aggression.

Most of these incidents I had friends with me who witnessed it or participated but if I remember I do this everywhere I go. You can literally watch people perk up! It's so easy to do. Try it and let me know what happens. You do have to really feel the love in your heart and it does seem to work even better when there are two or more of you. It's a really fun thing to do if you're in a line at a movie or on a long plane ride etc. If you see someone who obviously is going through a hard time, sending them love is a really rewarding experience especially when you see them sit a little straighter and relax a bit.

This song came from that work and that I honestly believe every human being has real light and beauty in them. However I must admit that there might have been a man or two involved in the inspiration for this song as well...

The first verse comes from a man who I'd fallen into puppy love with while at a friends wedding in Colorado although he wasn't the first Colorado man to swoon me. I was so smitten I thought we would be together forever. "These Rocky Mountain boys get to me every time. With their whiskey star gazing, secret waterfalls, shining eyes in breathless skies leaves me no defense at all." It lasted four months but when I got back to LA there was no shortage of charming men to help me get over the heartbreak. "Seems these Pacific boys know exactly how to please. With their heavenly bodies, secret tidal pools, shining dreams in candlelit nights leaves no sleep at all." Oh yes, big sigh.

The realization came to me that if you emit love wherever you go you'll probably find it in some shape or form. So I wrote the chorus, "Ooooo how beautiful this state of love surrounds me," because that is exactly what was happening. Each state I went to I felt surrounded by love!

The last verse is the "Soul Beautiful" work, "Loving this world with my guitar in my hand. Seems these peculiarities sometimes feel so grand. With their celestial unfolding, secret psychic waves, shining light in desperate times leaves me happiest of it all" All of the twists and turns that lead us through life when we follow our intuition and help us to discover hidden talents that we could have never imagined otherwise. The challenges that remind of us of our innate ability to rise above the drudgery of life to escape our mental prisons and limited views. "How beautiful this state of love surrounds me. Oooooo how beautiful to have so much love around me. Oooo you're soul beautiful. We're all soul beautiful."

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