Profound Peace

Oh boy where to begin on this one. How does one describe the most incredulous unmeasurable undeniably real miraculous experience of their life?! It's so beyond comprehension yet I am compelled with all my being to share it. What better way to convey this mystical brilliance that came to me than through song?

Musically "Profound Peace" might be considered an acoustic electro trance song. Honestly I'm still deciphering the full meaning of the lyrics myself and the fact that no matter where or when I play it somehow this song seems to soothe the listeners souls in ways that I cannot fully comprehend.  

The beginning notes are a to call the angels as I pluck the bottom four strings in twos three times, resulting in a trumpet like sound.  After that I start dancing with my fingers upon the strings in utter celestial revelry!  Lon took it to a grander level by adding in the beauteous piano notes and dreamy effects that caused me to shed tears of gratitude when I first heard it. He simply "got it" on so many levels. Then Kenny comes in with this grounding rolling percussion that makes one think of running wild and carefree on the open plains of Africa in an ode to life itself.  I still can't believe my great fortune in having these two play on the very song that inspired me to name my back up band "the Light". Oh how I was lit up in the creation of this tune!

Please not that I'm trying to keep this as succinct and brief as possible but it's difficult. I could and might someday write and entire book leading up to this time and the events that occurred after but this is a mere blog and the song itself speaks volumes above what I can write about it's creation.

It was February 22nd, 2008 and I had begun the writing for "Profound Peace" the evening before. It just came to me and was a style that I had never written in before. There wasn't any intense thought process on the lyrics like some of my other songs. This one literally just kind of arrived that evening. Well all but the last verse which is why for the first time in my life I slept with my guitar. 

I awoke from a blissful and rare deep sleep and instantly picked up my guitar. I hadn't even put my contacts in yet! I blindly started playing and singing the first verse, "Sometimes a man can cross the sea in his dreams and when he awakes it's more real than any any anything."  Followed by the instrumental chorus which is a bit of a deference from the ethereal music during the verses. It's at times staccato and unexpected like when you wake up from a peaceful sleep to the realities of modern day living complete with mechanical noises and the stresses of earning a living. Things that can consume our lives while all along there is this infinite peace right at our fingertips.

"Oh but the world closes it's eyes while it's awake. The beauty in his soul is more than they can they can they can take." A wake up call to see the astronomical real beauty right in front of us or the proverbial "smelling of the roses"! How so many of us oftentimes walk around mired in our own fears and confusion in zombielike states? Trapped in lives we never intended to live while the gate has been unlocked the entire time!

Not knowing where I was going with the song and in that state between sleep and being fully awake, from the very core of my being straight to the Heavens and it's creator, "Your eyes astound me. So deep such gravity. Summons all pure life, open open open up and sing."  That was it! That was the third verse.  I popped in my contacts went to my living room where I had been writing down the song and wrote down the final verse. I finished the song full circle, playing the angelic call I'd began it with to seal the deal.  Now it was time to get to the emails and work of my sales job. Or so I thought...

No matter how focused I was on selling this day I was, like a magnet, repeatedly drawn to my guitar. Finally around 2pm I took a break and began playing. After singing "Lost in Flight" I begin the new song "Profound Peace".  Out of the blue this divine light comes in from the upper right of my apartment. This has only happened to me once before, when I was 17 and praying with a stranger, but this time I was older, wiser, and able to fully open to this dynamic, loving, exciting, blissful, inspiring, mind blowing energy that I can only describe as the hand of God or the Light but truly there are no words to fully explain it!  It is divinity squared to the tenth. I have been fortunate enough to have become friends with a few people who have physically died and been brought back to life and they describe very similar experiences. The only difference is that I was fully awake at 2:22 in the afternoon in my apartment playing guitar!! Tears of overwhelming joy streamed down my face onto the cherry wood of my guitar as I finished the song. I put it down and through my tears I said," Thank you God. Thank you life. Please stay I'm older and wiser than when you came to me at 17!"  I then wrote all of my thoughts in my journal and sat marinating in the most gorgeous energy of my life up to that point. A few minutes later a voice that was both mine but also something far more magnificent than mine said clear as day, "Go outside there is going to be a rainbow."  

Now I wrote this down in my journal in confusion . First off in West LA we rarely ever get rainbows. It's almost always sunny and it was this afternoon. No forecast of rain at all. So I'm kind of surprised. Well, no kidding, within 20 minutes I look outside and see the sun shining and big drops of rain coming down in front of my window!  It's the middle of the day and the entire sky is sunny except for this cloud cell right over my neighborhood. I just couldn't wrap my head around all this but the level of love, insight, and sheer joy surging through me was undeniably tangible. I go outside to see not just a rainbow but a full on double rainbow!! At this point I'm pretty blown away but my inner voice is telling me there is more. I'm in complete divine communication although I don't really understand what is being communicated. I'm drawn to some fast moving clouds between the two rainbows when the holes appear in the clouds in the form of letters. Two letters that writing this now seem so simple yet so overlooked, "WE". I got it!! I was mesmerized and full of astonishment. A sad looking woman walked by with an umbrella and I shouted to her, "Look up, there is a double rainbow!"  She glanced up to look at it and then walked on lost in her own thoughts.  I wanted to hug her and share this monumental moment with her and bring her out of her slump but I just let her be. I went inside and wrote part 2 of this experience in my journal.  

To say my life changed after this would be the worlds biggest understatement. I can tell you that for weeks after this event a heightened sense of energy lingered within me.  Friends noticed a big change in me and wanted to know what happened to make me glow like that. Strangers stopped me on the streets telling me things like I had the most beautiful aura the had ever seen or asked for help with personal struggles. I felt like I was living in a dream for quite a while but it was all real. I wrote down everything I could so today I can look back and know all that really did happen! You see I had come up with this concept of a "WE" tour the summer before 2-22-2008 happened. I was taking some spiritual concepts that were running around a group of musicians, yogis, raw foodies, artists, and filmmakers here in Venice/Santa Monica/Topanga and putting them into a festival, kind of like a Lollapalooza but with the intent of connecting all humans in a loving light to end wars and such forever.  How to execute it in an all encompassing way so each and every one of the 7 billion people on Earth were included was highly discussed and debated.  You see we get so lost in our so called convictions of how we think we should live, which is so varied by culture, income, sex, personal experience, biological abilities, etc.,  that we dislike those that live different and it creates friction and war when in the end all WE really want is Profound Peace!


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  • Leilani ♡

    Leilani ♡

    Lovey Love ♡♥♡ Kristi I really enjoyed listening to your newest creation, and the feeling that you captured, sound of water very graceful.

    Lovey Love
    ♡♥♡ Kristi

    I really enjoyed listening to your newest creation, and the feeling that you captured, sound of water very graceful.

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