Lost in Flight

Who hasn't at one time or the other been "Lost in Flight"? Those transitional times in life when everything seems to be beyond your control yet you're still soaring full blast ahead wondering where to land. This song came out what was about to be the most major life transition I've ever experienced!

The rhythm to this song sounds deceptively easy but trust me 'twas not the case. I wanted to acoustically create the feeling of flying around and almost landing but skidding right back up. Like a seagull navigating the wind currents over the ocean. It's pretty organic in execution or was until we got in the studio. You see when you have a bassist and a percussionist needing to lay down tracks you have to get it consistent and this being my first studio album it took some time to get it right. Who would have thought this one was going to be difficult? I'll never forget Lon, the engineer, and his wife cheering me on from the control room late into the evening on the top of Topanga Canyon. Those two are just phenomenal people and so nurturing to emerging artists! I'd be so close then slip a half beat and we'd start it all over. My fingers were so sore after that night but when I finally nailed it there were cheers galore. Now it's a no brainer to play. My playing has improved at least 10 fold from those days thanks in a large part to them!

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