Just me and You

We were fighting and fighting and fighting. Why? What was all this really about? I mean we were two really kindhearted people that had a general sense of treating each other with love and respect but this one thing, this one thing that was an absract ideology kept causing major fights. It was religion. We were both of similar mindset yet the labels kept getting in the way. And it wasn't just us, it was the entire world! Here we were fighting our own personal version of a holy war. Yet as I type that I know those two worlds just don't go together. You can't have a war and call it holy. Nothing could be further from the truth. I understand war can be a necessary evil and I have the utmost love and gratitude for those that have been on the front lines. I have had deep conversation with soldiers that were in Iraq. They agreed with me. War is NOT holy. At the end of the day we are all human beings that want love and health and good food and joyous times with friends and family! What if instead of all these different labels and groups we associated with we were "Just me and you" nothing else and nothing more!

This song is a meditation on that. I sing the first verse with total love for the dear friends and family I have of various religions; my heroic love whom is Christian, my hilarious Muslim girlfriend who has a heart of gold, and my Jewish neighbor that became an extremely generous friend and also was the first to record me in his home studio for free! When I sing the opening lyrics I think of these people and their impact on my life.

"He says he's a Christian, she says she's a Muslim, they say their Jews. What ever happened to just me and you?"

"When will we stop fighting this unholy war?"

Then I was thinking it's more than religions it's also obviously resources. Food and water, ya know the basics of life. There are a couple of major corporations doing a severe injustice to third world countries and the food economy in general. The main one I don't even wish to type their name because it's absolutely awful what they have done. Profit above life.

Just to give you an example in India they promised their genetically modified seeds would produce more cotton per acre and talked the farmers into taking out loans to purchase their patented seeds. Well they lied. The cotton didn't produce as much as they promised and the fibers were too short to produce the quality of fabric that their old seeds did. Many lost everything and 100 farmers committed suicide. There are countless stories like this all over the world. They go into third world areas and sell them patented genetically modified seeds and from then on own a percentage of each crop while also making it so the farmers can only buy their pesticides which they have created their plants to be immune to. In short it's not a company that respects eco systems or hard working farmers. Don't even get me started on the cross contamination and how they pollute non gmo crops then try and charge the farmers for what the wind did. They are strategizing to own all plants. PLANTS! Many countries such as Ethiopia, Ireland, and Peru have banned them. Here in America we are trying to at least get them to label their food as Genetically Modified. Why are they fighting this? If they stand behind their product why wouldn't they be proud to label it?

"He claims his seeds do no harm. She says no they're not from the farm. They want to own all sources of life. Come on people there is no way that's right!"

"When will we stop fighting this unholy war? What are we really fighting for?!"

The last verse of the song is the essence of what I, as one of 7 billion, truly can offer and my ceaseless desire for a more peaceful world. Yes, I have total faith that we will one day evolve to a species that doesn't even know what war is. It shall be a distant story that people roll their eyes at and cannot believe how ancient humans once lived that way. I don't know how long it will take but I know with all my heart we are on our way to a peaceful planet.

"All I have is my heart, beats in time for a fresh start. All we are, are stars all we are are stars."

We are made up of star molecules, we are all stars in someones sky, and we all have brilliant light in us! What were we fighting about again?

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