A Valentine Poem for guitarists

This one's for all the beautiful, hilarious, and talented guitarists I've ever played or sung with. Happy Valentines Day!

I wanna make love to you with my voice

Softly in the dead of night

Like a wind that carries your

Dreams into lamplights and fireflies

I wanna let your guitar chords stroke

Me into solace

Tempt me into glee

Turn me inside out

Inspite of me

I wanna cringe at your breaths

Between takes

When the light in you escapes

Your patience drives me wild

Furried, frenzied as I drive each mile

To meet you in the bars

That hold the notes we play

In our heightened state

When the love is not too late

We’ll meet in a thick red note

That drips slowly down my throat

The amber wings of your guitar

Carry it gently oh so far

Mesmerized we both shall be

And collapse at the riddled glee

Of that windfall in the middle of our song

Where we held each other all along

No earthly flesh need ever meet

When our music is so incredibly sweet

Sweeping us into galaxies

Where Sirius contemplates our revelries

We lust, laugh, and fall away

Just for a moment to play

Become my love in song and tune

A beckoning light against the moon

And when dawn reminds us of the template

That creates the harsh rigid day

Our song will forever play and play and play

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